the Orifinder®

Bore Core Orientation System


the ORIFINDER® is a unique Core Orientation System that aids the driller to quickly, easily and correctly orient core samples as they get recovered with no delays to the normal drilling operation.

the ORIFINDER® is :

  • A fully digital system with a unique optical communications that allows the Orifinder to remain permanently connected to the backend assembly in between runs.
  • Operated by a Top Pocket Size (or TPS) handheld controller that is robust, splash & moisture proof & powered by user rechargeable inbuilt batteries.
  • Features seamless change between single & dual operations.
  • TPS handheld controller can fully operate the Orifinder even when fully assembled within Core Retrieval Assembly (e.g. when fully assembled between the inner tube & backend assembly)
  • Independent dual operation:- whilst one Orifinder is down the hole, the other Orifinder can be fully assembled, started and ready for sending down immediately after the end of the run.
  • Guides the operator to correctly re-orient the core and confirms & ‘forces’ correct re-orientation of the core sample on the surface.
  • The TPS displays system status at any time
  • Hermetically sealed and tested to 8000 PSI & constructed from high grade stainless steel.
  • Optional audit report file
  • Operational procedure is consistent with the renowned Globaltech NO MANUAL REQUIRED principle making it easy to use and intuitive.


Standard Orifinder Kit (K-2)


The Orifinder system consists of the following equipment:


(Illustration shows NQ2 compatible Orifinder, other sizes are available)