pathfinder_tough_azGlobaltech Corporation is leading the way in drillers operated Survey Technology. Pathfinder® probes empower drillers to fully survey their own drill-holes accurately eliminating the need for a follow up survey team saving money and time. Pathfinder® technology is extremely easy to use, reliable, robust and supported by quality checks that quantify anomalies thus taking away the burden of reliability from the operator (or driller). Data can be instantly viewed on site or saved directly (without a PC) to a USB memory stick for later analyses by surveyors and/or geologists. You can always depend on the survey data provided by Pathfinder®.

3 Pathfinder® Variants to Suit Your Needs:

Pathfinder® ESS

Electronic Single Shot

This is state of the art digital version of the traditional
mechanical survey tool used to survey holes (typically in 30m
intervals) during drilling. Like its mechanical predecessor the
ESS has a timer which is pre-set by the driller but in this case
the timer and countdown is displayed on the handheld
controller that remains with the driller during a survey so the
driller knows precisely when the survey is completed & knows
exactly when to pull out the tool and continue with the drilling.

Pathfinder® S@W

Electronic Survey at Will 

The S@W has the same function as the ESS but it’s designed
where it is difficult for the driller to estimate the time required
to place the tool in the survey position. Instead of pre-setting
a timer the driller simply inserts the tool into the drill-hole and
when the survey position is reached the driller starts the
survey from the handheld controller. The survey is then taken
and the handheld will confirm survey completion so the driller
can retrieve the tool and commence drilling.

Pathfinder® EMS

Electronic Multi Shot at Will 

The EMS is typically used after the drilling is ended. The EMS
gets attached to the front of the core barrel and then sent to
the end of the hole. The EMS is pulled out as the drill rods are
removed. Each time a rod is removed the driller can initiate a
survey at that interval from the handheld controller. Therefore
a high resolution multi-shot survey along the entire hole-path
can be acquired as the rods are being pulled out eliminating
the need to deploy a follow up survey team.


Pathfinder® On Board Facilities

  • Magnetic Orthogonal Vectors
  • Gravity Orthogonal Vectors
  • Real Time Clock
  • Infra Red Robust Communications
  • Mobile USB Controller
  • Long life Self Power
  • Historical Analyses
  • Data Transfer
  • Fast data capture
  • Data processing
  • Instant Display:  Azimuth (N&T) - Dip (M&G) - Tool face (M&G) - Temperature


Pathfinder® Physical Attributes

  • OD 25mm for Oil & Gas
  • OD 31.7mm for Mining & Construction
  • Running Gear
  • Standard Couplings
  • Water Proof
  • Shock absorption

Running Gear


Globaltech offers a full range of running gear supplies to complement our Pathfinder® products to get your team up and drilling.


 1.2 m Brass Pressure Barrel

(OD = 38mm or 36mm)


 Brass Top Sub-assembly

(OD = 38mm or 36mm)


 Brass Bottom Sub-assembly

(OD = 38mm or 36mm)

 Wire Swivel Copy_of_Wireline_Swivel
 Single Shot Landing Collar Copy_of_Landing_Collar_Spearhead
 Core Barrel Adaptor Copy_of_Core_Adaptor

 T-Bar & Assembly

(used for wedge orientation only)


 Mule Shoe

(used for wedge orientation only)

 3 x 1.2m Aluminum rods for spacing tool away from drill head aluminium_spacer_rods

Also available o-rings and lube oil for the running gear and spanners for tightening aluminium rods. The top and bottom sub-assemblies and the wire swivel are adequately tightened by hand.




The world’s first & only fully integrated electronic progressive log of drilling system for the mining industry



The ePlod is the start of a new generation of products for the mining exploration driller yielding unprecedented benefits to drilling contractors and their customers (mining companies). It promotes smarter drilling and improves the efficiencies of exploration programs.

The ePlod handheld is a tool that allows the drillers to accurately record the progressive log of drilling as it happens including consumables, chargeables, activities, tasks and comments on rod by rod basis. It performs all the necessary calculations with driller prompts to avoid entry of erroneous data and reminds the driller to enter certain data as events occur whilst keeping the driller informed of the hole status on run by run basis down to drilled, rods, depth & rod string. The ePlod retains the hole history for following shifts.

The ePlod is a process & menu driven and it learns and simplifies its own operation with use. A driller can be fully trained in 2 hours and can become competent operator within few shifts.

At the end of the shift the shift data is transferred into PC where ePlod Shift files are loaded into Plodware® (Includes Plodview™) which instantly generates the Plod reports & Run Sheet reports.

The supervisor can then edit the data to complete the Plod or fix any errors and then the Plod report can be printed or converted to a PDF file for emailing. The file can also be emailed as an ePlod file (editable version) to the Geo or Admin office where it can be further viewed/edited or processed using Plodview. Plodview generates the Plod report in the user's own format, layout & logo. It also can allocate user's codes to activities and consumables thus minimizing subjective interpretations.

Plodware® is a database and a wide array management & operational reports can be generated from data logged from all shifts and all rigs as per the user requirements. Standard reports include operators hours, bit & reamer reports, hole surveys, meters per rig, machine hours, consumables, driller performance, meters per hole size per depth, costs, budget monitoring, statistics and more.

The ePod shift data can also be produced in multiple formats to meet the driller & miner requirements and can be exported into the user's 3rd party accounting or database systems.

The ePlod handheld has many fail-proof features. It is robust and designed to be operated in the harsh drilling environment. Its shift files cannot be deleted unless they have been transferred to an external memory.

The ePlod brings an end to an era of ambiguity and manual triple and in some cases quadruple entry of data minimizing errors and increasing the efficiencies of management particularly in growing drilling operations whilst reporting to both the drilling companies and their clients in their own individual preferred formats from a single version of truth that was acquired checked & verified when events first occurred.

Benefits of ePLOD® to the Driller

  • Improved PLOD information collecting efficiency.
  • Reduced errors (for example, rod strings are calculated automatically by ePLOD®)
  • Multi-rig, multi-site management reports generated in seconds
  • Improved invoicing turnaround times means better cashflow.
  • Less time spent on disputes with clients

Benefits of ePLOD® to the Miner

  • Multi-contract drilling performance monitoring
  • Less time spent creating cost reports and estimations
  • Improved drilling efficiency

ePLOD® Handheld Features

  • Water Resistant Housing
  • Back Lit Display
  • Shock Resistant
  • Shortcuts to enter Task, Hole, Run Sheet and Comments
  • Help function
  • Predictive text with Mining Vocabulary
  • USB port to transfer data
  • Automatic calculation of meters drilled and rod string.
  • Hole history stored on the device for easy onsite recall

ePLOD® Software (Plodware® and Plodview®)

  • Generate PLOD and Run sheet tailored to your specifications
  • Users can modify and correct errors easily
  • All PLOD shift data stored on an electronic database
  • All shift data can be filtered and sorted
  • Export to Excel feature to allow accounts to generate invoices

Management and Operational reports:

  • Total Meters Drilled
  • Bit, Hammer and Reamer Condition
  • Driller Performance
  • Per Meter Per Hole Size (Per Depth) Cost Reports
  • Consumable, Operator, Materials Left In Hole costs
  • Task Breakdown Analysis
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Core Recovery reports
  • Costs Summary

Plodview® Plod Reports


Printed PLOD sheet using Plodview®


Printed Run sheet using Plodview®

Plodware® Reports

image011 image012

Total Drilled

Driller Performance



Per Meter Per Hole Size (Per Depth) Cost

Task Breakdown Analysis



Core Recovery

Operator Report



The ePLOD evolution has begun:

Many leading Australian and global mining and drilling companies are already taking part in Globaltech's ePLOD programme;

The ePLOD will improve exploration programs efficiencies to the mutual benefit of all. 

Contact us to be part of it.