Globaltech Corporation Pty Ltd ABN 18 087 281 418, located in Perth in Western Australia, strives to create innovative products that address the needs of our customers and business partners by improving their productivity. Globaltech delivers market demanded, easy to use, next generation technologies that can be operated by drillers or geologists. The products are robust, simple to use and improve the efficiency of exploration and workflow. Globaltech is a certified ISO 9001 company. Most of its products are manufactured in Australia and some are manufactured in Singapore. Products are available globally through distribution network.

Globaltech Corporation Pty Ltd is an Australian company that designs, develops and manufactures exploration instrumentation, analysis software, real-time remote monitoring systems and data analytics for global mining and exploration operations.

Established in 1999, Globaltech has a proven track record, developing and commercialising innovative and easy to use instrumentation in Australia and internationally. The Executive Management Team have led Globaltech since its inception and have considerable product development, commercial and engineering experience both with Globaltech and internationally.

In 2018, Boart Longyear became a majority stakeholder in Globaltech. Boart Longyear is the world’s leading provider of drilling services, drilling equipment and performance tooling for mining and drilling companies globally. This strategic alliance with Boart Longyear is helping Globaltech to build leading products and services that will improve performance in the mining and exploration industry.

Globaltech’s unique products address many issues experienced by the exploration industry and the solutions provide a compelling value proposition for all parties involved in the exploration process from Drillers, Geologists, Surveyors, and Geophysicists to Operations staff. Our experience designing rugged, reliable and accurate digital systems has provided Globaltech with a solid history of delivering leading edge, robust and fit for purpose products. The solutions address the growing requirements for more efficient drilling.

Globaltech has developed several technologies to capture subsurface data. The instrumentation devices can operate standalone or can be integrated to provide valuable core hole information. The digital devices are field proven and ideal for subsurface measurement applications such as surveying drill holes, orientation of core samples or determining rock properties.

Globaltech’s flagship products have now transitioned into a new brand of instrumentation products. Globaltech’s ePLOD®, the world’s first fully integrated progressive log of drilling system, promotes smarter drilling and improves the efficiencies of exploration programs. There is no doubt that with their ease of use, accuracy and the ability to perform in the most hostile environments, Globaltech has harnessed tomorrow’s technology today to meet the evolving needs of the exploration and mining industry.

The Mining industry imposes strict standards on accuracy of instrumentation. Globaltech has facilities to calibrate its products to international standards. The Company also performs environmental type approval testing to guarantee reliability in the field. There is capacity at Globaltech’s lab and open field sites to rapidly scale up to accommodate larger manufacturing runs as required.




Globaltech’s vision is to be an industry leader in the design, manufacture and service of exploration technology. Our values define what matters most in our continued success and form the guiding principles in our day to day operations and decision making. We value health and safety, integrity, teamwork and customer focus.

In collaboration with our major business partner, Boart Longyear, we keep health and safety foremost so that we all “make it safe, make it personal and make it home”. We inspire trust by doing what is right, doing what we say we will do, and being accountable for our actions. We respect each other, embrace our diversity and value the importance of transparent and honest communications. We are dedicated to our customers’ success and providing innovative solutions.

Globaltech endeavours to consistently provide products and services that exceed the requirements and expectations of our key interested parties. We actively pursue continuous improvement through strategies and systems that enable each member of our team to achieve excellence in their respective roles.

Globaltech is a certified ISO 9001 company.